Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Shower

I throw a baby shower for a friend of mine at my house. It's her third baby, she's having a baby boy. The party turn out okay, I thought not many people going to show up since it was only 11 who confirmed attending on the facebook events, but more peoples came. Wasn't expected more people will come, as usual always many food and have lots of left over, we been cooking for 2 days. Thanks for my hubby who helped me cleaned up and organize the decorations, and my friend Florita who helped most of the cooking, and Jane did frying the egg roll and barbequing the pork skewer outside, it was sunny. Thanks to all the friend who joined us the baby shower and the gifts you guys brought. I appreciated for coming to our little tiny house and had fun the games and the prices and most the food.

Security system

Post contributed by Josue Durham

While I was at my husband’s office, I decided to go online on his click here and research different security systems that are available in the area. He needed a system for his office because he keeps a lot of important documents and belongings for his clients, and he needed to know that he was doing the best that he could do to keep them safe. There had been a few break-ins in the area lately. There was one break-in just down the street from my husband’s office. It happened in an antique dealer’s store. The thieves stole the money that was in the registers, and also took a few small antiques. I don’t know how they will get rid of the antiques because the police alerted all the pawn shops for miles around to be on the lookout for what had been stolen. We are just living in a different day now. When I was growing up I never heard about people breaking in places and stealing. We always left our doors unlocked at home all the time. Our friends knew when they came over that they could just walk in the front door. There is no way you can do that in this day and time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Cellphone pictures

Week ago my oldest son borrowed my 8 gig micro disk from my cellphone instead buying a new one that I let him used it. I have lots of pictures on my disk that I'm using it to my cellphone. Before I let my son use it I asked my daughter if she knows how to download, she said Yes. I didn't check it out until a week my son came back from Utah, just notice that lots of pictures was missing when my daughter download, so i thought maybe still left some of the files on the disk. I waited my son to return the disk back to me and I checked so many time if the rest of the pictures was somewhere on the files but never found it. I'm so upset that all the pictures that I had it's gone, do not know what happen. Their were more than 300 pictures but only 17 was download. No matter how I back and forth to look for the file not there, maybe somehow it got delete it before transferring the files. The memories of the pictures I had on the disk it's all gone, gone, gone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Annual Pass

Since I been in Colorado this is the first time I ever went inside the Chatfield Park. I heard my neighbor go there to camp. Today me and my husband went in Chatfield State Park to take our dogs for a walk and decide to pay annual pass that we plan be going very often now and also we could use it for any state park was on the lists. We decide to pay annually since it will cost $8.00 daily and we plan to be back another state park locations for camping this summer. Now since we have the annual pass we could be back and forth any state parks or just be back in Chatfield for taking our dogs for a walk. Not bad paying $70.00 for annual, it worth if you go often and we plan to go fishing since it by our neighborhood. The weather was nice today to takes our 3 dogs for a walked at the park. They all tired now and taking a nap that we walked around the trail of the lake ;)ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Casino Trip

Two weeks ago I learned to play Three Poker cards at the Isle Capri. I stood all night playing at the poker table, I had fun my first time learning. Last week I went back with my other friend and spent night up the Ladyluck. We got their late, we checkin the hotel first and glad we made it to the Isle Capri for our dinner. We ate then we went to our room to put our luggage and went to the Gulch nugget casino was our first stop. Then we went back to Isle Capri started played the Poker ;) the game fun when your winning, this time no luck for me. I was on the table the whole time I was there until 4am, no luck we went to our room;( went to sleep,zzzzzzzz! I thought that will be my another luck played poker, I got hooked! Two weeks in a row I lost my money , I better slow down, don't know when will be the next time, have to makes some money;) Night Everyone!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bonding with my BFF

I haven't see my Bff for a month but we always talked on the phone. Wednesday she called me that their was a must go Bingo by my house but she leave about 30 miles away from me, invited me to hung out and played Bingo with her. I did went with her and took my daughter too. She asked me if I could accompany her to go have an eyebrow tattoo and we decide where would we be going. Okay I did and we also both got a new hair cut and have lunch at the Thai restaurant. After we ate she decide to plan go casino which i wasn't ready but we went anyway. We arrived their about 4 pm, geez we stood for long time, we stay up all night came home the next morning. hahaha. I played slot machine so do her but no luck so we sat at the poker machine. I watched few time , It wasn't bad, I learns it and had a good time that I learned the 3 poker cards and played all night at the poker table. I was doing really good, won but stood all night lose all of it and my pocket money too ;(, That's okay that's called gamble but had fun. I parked my car at my friend's house and try take a quick nap just to get my blink away so I can drive back home. Called my other friend and talking with her on the phone so i won't be sleepy and came home save and took a nap. It was nice to hang out with her , we didn't get chance month ago due our busy schedule, that I was taking a class, but now my class done we could do our often bonding.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lock in a better rate

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham
This time of year it always comes to mind to start taking a look at our energy rates at home. People don’t really think of Texas getting that cold in the winter but that is not the case. It is such a big state that depending on where you live within the state your climate can vary dramatically. In the summer it is usually scorching hot with draught conditions and then in the winter it gets to be pretty cold with snow all around in some parts. I love living in Texas for many reasons but one of them is that we have all four seasons. I am one of those people who actually enjoys the super hot as well as snow on the ground. This time of year before it is about to get very cold I always think about shopping around to make sure the energy rates I am paying are competitive. This year I decided to shop rates from Bounce Energy to make sure I was getting great rates. As it turns out they were able to offer me something even better than what I had last year.